The Importance of Trimming Trees

The trees on your property need occasional maintenance to remain looking nice and to keep from becoming a liability. Trees with overgrown branches can sustain damage during storms and fall on your roof or your neighbour’s property. To prevent the problems that overgrown trees pose, you should hire professional tree surgeons to trim them.

Reducing Tree Size

There are times when reducing the size of your trees is necessary to prevent damage to your property and others. Consider calling Devon tree surgeons to trim trees when:

  • They’ve outgrown their space.
  • They’re dead.
  • You want to keep diseases from spreading.
  • They have branches that cross.
  • There are branches that are torn or damaged.

When to Trim Trees

The type of trees you have will determine when they should be trimmed. Tree surgeons will prune most deciduous trees when they go dormant for the season, which is in late autumn or early winter. However, some trees require trimming after their new growth has matured, which usually happens during mid-summer. These trees include:

  • Maple
  • Birch
  • Horse Chestnut
  • Walnut
  • Cherry

If your trees border someone else’s property or are near roadways, it is important to trim them to prevent damage to other vehicles and to keep branches out of the road after heavy storms. You could be liable for any damage that a heavy branch may cause if it falls onto a parked car, your neighbour’s property, or his or her garage.

Trimming your trees can prevent costly damage to property and keep them healthy. They will look more attractive as well.

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