The Most Popular Garden Structures For Your Home

Relaxing outside on the weeknights, weekends, and basically, any time you feel in need of a little you-time can be made more enjoyable with a garden structure or two. Many homeowners have started constructing these structures on their property as a way to better enjoy their land and to improve the value of their home. There are many popular garden structures for homeowners to choose from. 

The first structure we’re going to discuss is the gazebo. This is uniquely shaped in an octagon and boasts a pitched roof. There is typically waist high sides on the gazebo that work to seclude the area where you sit. The rest of the sides are left open so that you can take in the full 360-degree view of the outdoors. These structures are typically not enclosed, but some individuals may opt to do so. There are various customized options you can utilize when constructing a gazebo to fit your individual needs. 

You can find many backyard sheds for sale as they’re a very popular garden structure to add to your home. Sheds are very versatile and can be customized to fit any needs that you have. Sheds are great for storing items. This could be storing your outdoor items like the lawnmower and bicycles. Or, this could be great for storing things like old clothes and outside winter decorations. Sheds are also being commonly used as workshops and home offices as individuals are demanding more personal space away.

Pergolas are becoming a structure with ever-increasing popularity. These are freestanding structures that consist of open framework. They’ll usually have four main posts and support an open frame roof. This is great for filtering some of the sunlight and for opening up your outdoor space. Many homeowners enjoy planting climbing flowers over the roof boards to create a more natural appearance. These can be constructed in an open area or over an existing porch or patio area. 

As the world of horticulture has caught so many eyes over the years, homeowners are opting to install miniature greenhouses in their backyard. These are great spaces to try your hand at growing your food locally. They also create the perfect environment for keeping your flowers alive all year round. These freestanding structures come fully enclosed with clear windows that allow sunlight to penetrate the house and feed the plants inside with necessary nutrition to grow. 

Lastly, we have the pavilion. These structures used to be only seen at local parks. However, they’ve become a staple for homeowners across the nation. Pavilions come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. You may opt for an open or closed pavilion. Many homeowners prefer to install these near their outside fireplaces and dining areas. 

Garden structures are a great way to add value to your home and to better enjoy your time outside. There are many different structures to choose from. We encourage you to consider all of the most popular options listed above and pick one or two that have intrigued your interest.

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