The Natural Beauty & Warmth of a Log Burning Fire

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Even with all the magnificent faux fireplace effects, it is hard to beat a real wood burning fire in the living room, with the natural heat filling the room with a comfortable, even glow. In former times, one would need the right type of fireplace in order to burn timber, yet modern designs allow even the smallest of rooms to enjoy the luxury of a wood burning fire. Even the absence of a chimney is not an obstacle, with conduit flues that can be inserted anywhere, and with bespoke fireplace designs, you can transform any living room.

Online Solutions

If you would like to explore the possibilities of installing a fire, the Internet can help, and whether you are looking for a wood burner in Cambridge or Essex, a Google search will bring up a list of potential suppliers, and by choosing someone local, you are supporting your community. The first step is locating the right company, and if possible, choose one with several showrooms, where you can actually experience a range of models in a real life setting, and with an expert there to advise you, you can select the perfect unit.

Timber Supply

It matters not whether you live in the town or country, such is the popularity of log fires that there are small businesses that will deliver a load of logs to your door. If you do live in a rural environment, you might have your own supply, and when compared to coal, logs are far more economical. With a tempered glass door, you and your family are protected against flying embers, and the heat generated will keep the whole downstairs warm.

Bespoke Fireplaces

While the fire is there to generate heat, with the right fireplace, one can transform the look of any living room, and with the harsh British winters, heating will no longer be an issue. The scope of designs is virtually unlimited, and you might want to invite the supplier to visit you at home, where you can sample the designs in the comfort of your own home, and being in the living room makes it much easier to envisage how a particular unit would look.

Professional Installation

The supplier would have his own team of qualified technicians, who work to a strict safety standard, ensuring the fire is installed the correct way. There would be a warranty on the product and the workmanship, especially when a fireplace is included, and they would clean up after the job is finished. Even though you are not using gas or electricity, a wood burning stove must have adequate flue and ventilation and a qualified technician would ensure this.

The inclement British weather makes a wood burning stove a very attractive proposition, and with online suppliers who really know their stuff, an online search is all it takes to explore the possibilities of having a natural log burning fire in your living room.

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