The Numerous Benefits Of Making Your Home Sustainable – Now

Although Australia is a massive country, we are still running into problems regarding the availability of affordable housing, and property here, has just been rising in value year after year. In the past, making your home more sustainable by adding to or creating new concepts in your home, was prohibitively expensive and so many of us failed to do so. However, it is now universally accepted, that designing a home that is built with the climate in mind, pays for itself over the life of the structure.

Quick Returns On Investment.

When you take steps to make your home more sustainable, you start to make that money back from day one. Your energy bills are substantially reduced and this extra money saved, can be used as an additional payment towards your mortgage. Sustainable housing in Perth, involves installing better windows, doors and insulation, as well as more efficient water storage and water systems, and this allows you to save even more money, over the lifetime of the house. It is important not to think of these changes only saving you money. You need to look at these sustainable changes as also affecting your lifestyle,from more comfort, to better health.

Introduce Efficiency.

There are a number of older homes in the Perth area that could benefit greatly from changes in the direction of sustainability. Introducing a more efficient hot water system into the home allows for big savings annually. The outlay would be significant, but the savings would more than compensate for this over the life of the building. There are many things that you can do to make your home more sustainable, like insulating your ceiling, installing a better shower head to save on water use, and installing a dual toilet, are just some of the changes that you can make.

Size Is Everything.

The size of your home contributes considerably to the affordability of your home. Big isn’t always best and having a home that is practical in size, can save you lots of money regarding heating, cooling, maintenance and its impact on the environment around it.  Designing your home in a smarter way by building it smaller, goes a long way to reducing the initial building costs and making your home much more sustainable. You need to think about what changes may be introduced later on, by the Australian government.

Get Ahead Of The Changes.

The Australian government may make it mandatory for all homes to abide by certain provisions in relation to sustainability, and if they insist that water systems need to be changed, houses need to be insulated a certain way and so on, then it is best to get those things done now, when it is cheaper to do so. Also, the government offers assistance with these projects, which may not be available to you in the future.  What it costs now to do work will increase due to inflation, and because you haven’t made the necessary changes, this may affect your ability to sell your home later.

Sustainable housing is the way forward for the Australian housing market, and you should be looking towards contractors, that favour this method also.

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