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Everyone has their own idea of what a dream house is. For some, it may be a collection of Quality Villas Woodbury MN, or a simple cabin in the middle of the woods. Whatever it is, when you’re ready to begin the process of bringing that dream to life, you need to know what it will take to materialize your desires.

Location Location

Zoning laws may prohibit the development of particular types of homes in certain areas. For example, it may be impossible to get the go ahead to build a geodesic home in the middle of a contemporary housing development. The zoning may prohibit building homes that don’t fit a specific description to exists beside others that do. This is why it is just as important to find a location that will accommodate the particular type of house you desire to build.

Soil and Elevation

Certain areas of the country are known for having different types of soil. For example, Texas soil has a lot of clay in it, making it prone to expansion and contraction. If the type of home that you’d like to build lacks the structural integrity needed to withstand the movement caused by expansion and contraction you should consider building a different type of home or consider another location.

A perfect example of a location that requires a particular type of housing structure would be Galveston, Texas. Many homes in Galveston are built on stilts because of the fact that Galveston is below sea level and waters rise. A tiny home on wheels would be ill-suited for a location like Galveston if the house was planned for a beachfront location. The tiny house would be under water with the first high tide that swept through.

Regional Differences

Most people have probably noticed that the southwestern areas of the country have homes with attics as opposed to basements. Basements are characteristic of homes on the east coast. It may not be difficult to find a builder in the southwestern region willing to build a house with a basement. Builders tend to have particular features that come with the homes they customize, and a rare request like a basement might be difficult, if not impossible to grant.

Conversely, building a house with an attic on the east coast may be a tall order as well. Even certain building materials may be more common in specific parts of the region, more so than other areas.

Your dream house can be anything you want it to be. However, bringing your dream to fruition will require taking a realistic look at the laws and the terrain specific to the area that you want to build in and the type of house that you want to build. It may take certain adjustments and compromises to make your dream home a reality, but anything is possible. Do your research and the information alone will help to shape plans for your dream home

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