The Perks of Installing New Soffits

New Soffits

Upgrading soffits and fascias will do more for the appearance of your home than a lot of other improvement projects. With a clean roofline and using one of the attractive colour choices that are available, you can really update your home and set it apart from others in the neighbourhood while increasing its value. By installing new soffits and fascias, you can improve your home before you list it for sale or even just update the look for your own enjoyment.


Old soffits are prone to damage from the weather. When they get wet they can hold moisture, which will lead to rot. This rot will not be confined to your soffits alone, however, and can easily and quickly spread to the rest of your home. By installing new, updated soffits, you can stop this water damage from ever being an issue. If the frames of your home are damaged it can cost thousands of dollars to have them repaired.

Wet soffits will also grow mould, which can be very dangerous to the people living in your home. If you have a problem with wet wood and mould, it’s important to replace your soffits as soon as possible to improve living conditions for your family. You do not want to risk your family’s health with old soffits.


New soffits are fire resistant, which means that they can actually help slow down the spread of a house fire. This is especially important if you live in a dry area, or one where house fires are relatively common. Keeping a fire from spreading can save lives as well as help firefighters control it.


While pollution damage on your home isn’t something that you see immediately, it does build up over time, affecting the colour and appearance of your home as it is damaged. New soffits are designed to withstand any pollution damage, and therefore will stay looking great for a long time. You won’t have to worry about cleaning them regularly or painting them to make them look new again, as the pollution will never damage them in the first place.

Air Circulation

When you are looking into soffit installation in Scotland, remember that it’s easy to put in a ventilation system at the same time. This will keep the air circulating in your home. If you have an attic, this is a great idea, as it can help with keeping condensation from forming in your home. Any air movement in your attic and home will also help stop mould from being able to grow and spread.

Protect the integrity of your home and the health of your family by updating your soffits. This is a home improvement project that you will reap the benefits of for years to come.

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