The Popularity of Wood-burning Stoves

Wood-burning stoves are making a comeback in the home, and there are several reasons why. A lot of improvement have been made to wood stoves so that they are now very efficient, look great in any room, and are also very clean and do not produce a lot of excess pollution. Here are the main reasons why more and more people are choosing to install a wood-burning stove into their home:

  1. Efficiency

Free standing wood burners are much more efficient than they use to be. If you check the efficiency ratings of modern multi-fuel stoves you can see that some have an efficiency rating as high as 85-90%. Heat output is released slowly due to the use of cast iron in many of the modern designs. Cast iron is a traditional material for stoves as it allows heat to be diffused. This gives a balanced output to create a comfortable and ambient room temperature.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

If you purchase from a supplier who sources their food from managed woodland, then wood logs are a renewable fuel source. This is one step up on burning other fuels such as natural gas, which is sadly being depleted. Burning wood is also largely carbon neutral as the carbon dioxide given off during combustion is roughly equivalent to that absorbed by the tree during its growth. This is not the same as when burning fossil fuels such as coal.

  1. Dual Use

Many wood stoves also double as a boiler. This is a smart option these days, as whilst heating your room you can also heat your domestic hot water, typically to feed into your central heating system. You are already heating your room with the stove, so the good news is that you can also turn the thermostat down around the house, in the meantime your stive will be providing enough hot water for up to 19 radiators. Furthermore, some dedicated free standing wood burning boiler stoves are currently eligible for a reduced VAT rate of just 5%. This is because they are listed under the Government’s ‘Energy-Saving Materials’ initiative.

  1. Smoke Control for Cities

The majority of the recent designs of wood burning stoves are now eligible to be burned in designated Smoke Control Areas, thanks to the addition of a smoke control kit. This is good news for people living in towns and cities of the Midlands, where there has been a smoke ban. Because of the eligibility, more and more people are choosing to install wood burning stoves around Lincolnshire and the East Midlands, where a ban was in place. But now with the smoke control kit, it is ensured that the stove burns sufficiently clean enough to abide by the requirements of the Clean Air Act 1993. This means that homes in the centre of cities can enjoy the many benefits of a wood-burning stove and you can see the rise in popularity in places like the East Midlands.

Wood-burning stoves are certainly rising in popularity, but that is mainly because they are now accessible to city-dwellers. Thanks to modern designs the smoke can be controlled so that it abides by the government regulations. Modern solid-fuel stoves are efficient, environmentally friendly, and can even double up as a boiler to feed into your central heating system whilst bringing the thermostat down. With all these benefits of modern-day wood burners, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular recently.

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