The Value of Metal Blacking

For anyone involved in selling metal goods, precision machined parts, or high-quality machinery, presentation is one of the keys to selling. There are a variety of methods of finishing metal and alloys such as steel, iron, zinc, and aluminium. One popular method is to chrome or plate them; however, for parts that are precisely engineered to a tight level of tolerance, this added finish actually changes the dimensions of the part.

Another method that is ideal for parts designed and engineered to a tight tolerance is metal blacking or metal blackening. This is a chemical process conducted at room temperature in which the metal to be blackened is immersed.

The Benefit of a Black Metal Finish

The metal-blacking process is advantageous for the following reasons:

  • Dimensions: Because it is a chemical process that reacts with the surface of the metal itself, no added weight or dimension is added to the part. This is ideal for parts that have been manufactured to tight tolerances because it will not alter the dimensions of the parts.
  • Penetration: Although painting and chroming finishing processes are popular, they do not necessarily coat the entirety of the part in question. These processes may not fill holes or penetrate all of the tight corners that often form a metal part. Immersion in the metal-blacking chemicals coats every single part of the metal.
  • Resistant: One of the biggest reasons to finish a metal part is to make it resistant to corrosive elements. A blacking finish is resistant to moisture, corrosion, and oil, making it ideal for use in the manufacturing industry where highly-resistant and long-lasting parts are a necessity.
  • Affordable: Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to consider metal blacking is because it is an easy and affordable process. In fact, it is more cost-effective and simpler than plating processes such as chroming.
  • Aesthetic: Apart from the durability of a blacked part, it also adds a highly desirable and attractive finish. This is of particular importance for those in the business of selling parts and machinery when visual appeal to a customer or client is paramount.

Benefits for Retailers

The relative simplicity and affordability of the metal-blacking process translates to real cost savings for retail companies that manufacture machine parts. Less overhead also means more savings passed on to potential customers, making it a real selling point.

It is also worth noting that due to the relative simplicity of this type of metal finishing process, there are kits available from a variety of experienced companies with knowledge in this field. These metal-blacking kits are relatively simple to use and will mean that the blackening finish process can be conducted in-house, further saving your customers money and becoming a real selling point for your business.

Furthermore, the fact that the blacking process can be applied easily to steel, iron, zinc, and aluminium means that it is a highly flexible process that will be a good fit for many retailers and parts manufacturing companies.


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