Things Everyone Should Know About French Polishing

French Polishing

You may think that French polishing is merely the process of shining a particular surface using a rag and some polish. However, the process of French polishing is actually a much more complicated technique than simple polishing which is based around the application of shellac to a surface to create a lustrous and shiny finish. Indeed, the technique of French polishing is relatively easy to understand because it only requires a simple pad with which you can apply a thin layer of polish to the surface. At first glance, this traditional technique seems easy as well as being both economical and traditional. However, it is very difficult to get this particular technique of polishing correct because applying the wrong amount of polish or using the wrong technique can leave stains or marks on the surface if it is not applied correctly.

Simple, yet complex

The technique of French polishing is actually much more complicated than simply lining a pad with finish and then rubbing it over the top of a wooden surface. Indeed, assembling the correct mixture of the pad and finish while also using the appropriate rubbing technique for the particular surface you want to polish can also affect how the end result will emerge. There are a number of different techniques which can be used while there are also a number of different experts in the field of French polishing in your local area. Therefore, if you want to make sure that your furniture is polished to the highest sheen you should search online for a company which specialises in French furniture polish in Hertfordshire to make sure you receive the highest quality service and the best-looking end result.

Build a base

One of the main features of French polishing is the creation of a layer of finish on the surface of the wood which can help to preserve it as well as prevent blemishes from appearing on the surface of the wood. The best way to achieve the correct results when French polishing a piece of furniture is to start by rubbing the pad across the bare surface of the word while gradually polishing this particular surface using gradually more shellac.

Use the correct pad

Another element of the French polishing process which can determine the end result is the creation of a rubbing pad which can be made by simply wrapping an absorbent cloth with a strong smooth wrapper which can then be applied to the surface of the furniture. Once you have made the polishing pad, you should load it with finish and then bind it together tightly into a ball. Furthermore, by gently squeezing the pad the finish will be released onto the surface gradually and this can then be worked into the surface of the wood.

Extra finish

Once you have rubbed the furniture with the initial mixture, then you should use an alcohol-based liquid in a circular motion over the surface of the wood to create a smooth and lustrous finish. This extra step can help you create a lustrous finish to your wooden items.

If you feel that these particular methods of French polishing may be too difficult for you to try at home, then you should contact your local firm of polishing experts today.

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