Three Reasons to Hire Tree Surgeons to Trim Trees

Trimming Trees

Keeping your tree branches trimmed does more than just make your trees look nice. Trimming them can prevent the spread of tree diseases, prevent roof damage, and keep your trees from falling onto other people’s property. Here are three reasons you need to hire a tree surgeon to keep trees properly trimmed.

Prevent Damage

If there are overgrown or dead branches on the trees around your home, they need to be trimmed. Overhanging branches can brush along the roof during high winds and knock off tiles, exposing the roof to water leaks.

Tree branches which are weak or dead due to disease can break off if too much ice or snow accumulates on them. This can lead to holes in your roof, a damaged fence or, if overhanging your neighbour’s property, damage to their roof or vehicle if branches fall onto them.

Attract Pests

Damage to your property can also occur because overgrown branches can give pests, like insects or rodents, access to your house. They can climb onto the roof, then find a crack or crevice in which to crawl and get into your house.

Fortunately, most of these problems can be prevented by hiring professional tree surgeons in London. They can assess your trees’ health and trim them as needed to prevent property damage and help make the trees healthier.

Tree Removal Services

Tree surgeons can also safely remove dead trees from your property, further preventing damage to your house, fence, or other neighbours’ property. Along with removing the tree, the surgeon can also remove the stump so it doesn’t become home to pests and an obstacle in your lawn.

Before you attempt to fell a tree or trim one, call a professional tree surgeon so they can properly care for the trees and prevent property damage.


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