Tips for extending the life of your television

We all know about the manufacturers claim regarding the lifespan of home appliances. Some of the appliances perform exceptionally well when it comes to performance. Up to some extent, we are also responsible for enhancing the longevity of the televisions. If we abide by certain guidelines and take necessary precautions, televisions can last more than our expectations.

The first step towards extending the life of your television begins before you actually make the purchase, for which you should read the TV buying guide properly. Once you have bought a TV, it is advisable to take care of your televisions for a longer life using the following tips.

If you are already following these tips, your appliances are in safe hands.

Avoid High Temperature and Humid Conditions

If you have read the cautions mentioned on the packaging of the product, you will notice that the manufacturers advise keeping the appliance away from surroundings depicting high temperature and humid conditions. The internal and external components are always prone to chemical reactions in favorable conditions.

The inapt conditions can be a cause for technical failure. In humid surroundings, the presence of oxygen and water content can trigger chemical reactions, such as rust formation, that can ruin the television components.

Stabilize Power Fluctuations

This is one of the most common occurrences of technical failure. Whether it is a refrigerator or a television, the stabilized voltage will definitely enhance the life of the appliance. First of all, ensure that the electric socket is capable of delivering required voltage.

Secondly, electrical surge or dips can affect the functioning of the television. To safeguard your appliance, use a voltage regulator that can handle fluctuations and deliver a streamlined voltage.

Regular Clean Up

Dusting and cleaning seem to be cumbersome tasks. But, your laziness can cost you a ransom. Therefore, make sure that you clean the dust gathered, both inside and outside. Presence of dust is the cause of development of static electricity. Hence, the probability of short circuits increases considerably. Moreover, use anti-static cleansing agents to remove the dust and filth.

Avoid Burn-Ins

Knowingly or unknowingly, we have a tendency of not switching off the television. Or in some cases, users prefer to display a screensaver after a certain period of inactivity. In both the cases, the continuous production of same colors at the same spot can cause overheating and burn-ins.

The wise step is to switch off the television when not in use. This will prevent burn-ins and further, you will contribute to energy savings.

Optimize Brightness and Contrast

If you are working continuously for hours, and that too at your maximum efficiency, your health will deteriorate. The same is true for electric and electronic appliances as well. In case of televisions, maximizing brightness and contrast utilizes more-than-necessary energy. As a result, it affects the performance of television because the components have to work harder to deliver the output. Hence, optimize these parameters to produce best results.

Protect Against Physical Damage

This is the most obvious statement but sometimes, people tend to ignore it. For example, if there are children at home, the television is at risk. This is applicable for television placed on table tops. In this case, opt for wall-mounted televisions for damage prevention and a better visual experience.

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