Tips for Minimising Your Business’s Downtime in the Summer

When it’s hot outside and your air conditioning goes out, your business is likely to drop. No one wants to sit in a restaurant or make his or her way through a supermarket in the heat, especially not when he or she can go to one of your competitors and shop in comfort. That’s why you certainly want to look for ways of minimising your downtime when you don’t have any air conditioning. While you may still have a few days of heat, that’s better than the week or longer you could have if you don’t follow these tips.

Have Fans on Hand

While you may be able to have someone arrive that same day to take a look at your system, you’re still going to have to wait a bit for the technician to arrive. During that time, you can get out fans and have them running. In small cafes or restaurants, this can be a major help. In larger stores or divided offices, it may not be enough. However, you can at least show your customers that you’re trying to deal with the heat. That’s better than simply saying that you have someone on his or her way to look at your air conditioning.

Have a Reliable 24-Hour Repair Service

You shouldn’t wait until your commercial air conditioning goes out to look for someone to repair it. You need to find a reliable service team that’s available 24 hours a day so that all you have to do is pick up the phone and make a call. If you’ve been with this service for years, they’re likely to do their best to rearrange other appointments and get to you as soon as possible.

One way of finding this service is actually another way of helping keep your business nice and cool. You should have preventative maintenance done annually or twice a year to make sure your system is running efficiently. During maintenance, the tech may go ahead and replace some parts that are showing signs of age or wear and tear. This can prevent your system from going down later due to that part finally breaking. Regular maintenance is a great way of ensuring that your air conditioning will keep running and that it’s energy-efficient.

Move Things Outdoors

This option isn’t always possible, and it really depends on your setup. For example, if you own a restaurant and have space outside, you could put some of your tables and chairs outdoors for your customers. If you’re a teacher or university instructor, you could hold your lectures outside. For those in the retail or supermarket industries, though, it’s not really plausible to move all of your products outdoors for customers to browse.

You’re also only going to want to move things outdoors if there’s a breeze and if you have shade. During the hotter parts of the year, being outdoors when there’s no wind at all can be just as bad as being inside, especially if you have no trees, umbrellas, or awnings to sit under.

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