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Today we live in a world where theft and all sorts of crimes are on the rise. If you have large premises you probably already have one or more security guards working for you. The problem is security personnel are easy for the thief to spot and therefore attack or avoid. This is where surveillance cameras can really make a difference.

You can get many different types of security cameras today. The small ones that need to be fitted in can be fitted into smoke detectors or in cabinets screwed on to the roof. If you get a wireless one you could move it when you wanted to without much hassle. Wireless ones are more promising because they can be placed in areas where a burglar would not expect a camera.

You could install intelligent alarm systems that dial the police when a movement or sound is detected inside your house. Some can even email you along with the police ring. Certain cameras turn themselves on and shoot a series of photographs or video as soon as a movement is detected where they are pointed. They digitize the images and send you the alert on your mail along with the images. They could simultaneously mail to the cops as well!

Most surveillance cameras can be plugged in to your mains supply through a power adaptor, or you could use a nine volt cell for wireless models. Motion sensors on the surveillance cameras are extremely sensitive and turn on the camera with the slightest of motion in the room. The power of a security camera lasts ten hours or so. Over the years, as technology improved, electronics became smaller and cheaper as well. As a result of this, more and more common people have started using surveillance equipment to keep their homes protected against burglars and antisocial elements.

Burglar alarms are another source of home security and many people choose to have cameras along with burglar alarms, as a part of the system. You could possibly do it yourself, but will probably need professional help to organize this kind of thing. Imagine a system where not only does the alarm go off, but you also get photographs of the thief! That is what such a system can do for you.

Most security cameras do not give very high quality images and neither do they have to. It is sufficient if the quality is enough to make out the burglar’s facial features. In fact many security cameras are made with only black and white images as output, and this helps reduce the costs of course, as well as add to the simplicity.

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