Top Tips for Choosing a Whole House Water Filter

A whole house water filtration system will filter a home’s appliances and dispensers, providing excellent quality and filtered water for your household. Depending on the location, your water supply can contain different chemicals, including chlorine. We want the water we’re drinking and bathing in to be clean and safe for use, which is why installing a water filter into your home is the best available option for contaminant free water!

It’s important you choose the right filter system for you. The type you install can affect the quality and flow of water through your home, which is why the Urban Defender™ designed by ecologist James P McMahon is the best one on the market today.

As a population, our water consumption is not always deemed safe by national health standards, but installing a whole house water filter from can provide you with water from which a number of contaminants have been removed. During the 2015 water crisis in Flint, nearly 21 million Americans were getting water from systems that violated health standards.

So, what do you need to consider when purchasing a filtration system?

  1. What kind of filter does your household require? A professional can inform its customers on their household water usage by identifying the chemical content of the water and what needs to be removed for better quality water. It should contain a specific type of carbon which will remove the chlorine and its carcinogenic byproducts. You may need a kitchen water purifier too, depending on the contaminants present.
  2. The filter you choose must able to support your desired flow rate. This is the amount of water able to run through your dispensers, including your bathtubs and showers, kitchen, laundry, and toilets. The Urban Defender™ whole house water filter can accompany your beautiful home by providing refreshing clean water!
  3. The size of the filter matters. A large filter in a home will increase the water supply and allows longer periods of usage before it requires servicing. Our product has small and large versions, depending on the size of your household.
  4. A system with a backwashing function, instead of cheaper versions without the backwashing function. These systems will consistently clean and redistribute the carbon media, making them more effective at contaminant removal and last much longer!
  5. The longevity of the whole house water filter is another important feature to consider. The Sweetwater Urban Defender™will last 5 to 7 years for a typical family of 4 before it needs servicing.

Whole house water filters are cost-efficient, as it filters the whole of the house in one system, rather than several filters for each individual dispenser, which then minimises the cost of any faults or breakages in the future. Its cost is affordable for those looking to improve their homes and water quality. Especially because, The Urban Defender™ water filter is custom built, with each unit able to be modified to fit the needs of a household.

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