Upgrading Your Roof

Before you contact a roofer to come and re-felt and install your new roof, you must first determine what style of roof you prefer. There are pros and cons to each style, so it’s best to weigh your options before contacting a professional.

Flat vs. Pitched Roofs

A common choice that must be made when adding a new roof to your home or installing a new shed is whether you want a pitched roof or a flat roof. Regardless of the type of roof you want installed, it will need regular maintenance. Pitched roofs, while they are more difficult to inspect, actually help water and other debris run off easily. Flat roofs sometimes do not drain properly, so in order to prevent leaks and other damage, they need to be checked every so often. You can also add a waterproof seal to these roofs to help with the water problem.

In terms of structure, pitched roofs tend to add more support than flat roofs do. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider a flat roof, because if you live in an area that receives little to no rainfall, flat roofs can actually be the more cost-effective option. They also offer a more modern-looking design, depending on what you want your home to look like. No matter which type of roof you decide on, an experienced roofing company in West Drayton can help you with it.

Company Options

Roofing companies, aside from offering pitched and flat roofs, can also offer some of the following material options that you may want to consider:

  • Tiled roofs
  • Slate roofs
  • Pegged tile roofs
  • Concrete roofs

Before deciding, be sure to look at both the pros and cons of each material as well as how they stand up to the test of time and the weather in your particular area.

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