Various Methods for Lifting Objects

As you can see in any city or town nowadays or in the past, there are different kinds of heavy lifting equipment that you will see being sued on a daily basis. These heavy machines consist of the likes of forklifts, winches, hoists, cranes, and vacuum lifts.

In Great Britain, every one of these machines makes use of a specific type of mechanism to move around large and heavy objects. Some of them move objects vertically up and down or from horizontally from side to side, as well as a mixture of both movements. In nearly every case, a business will either buy or rent heavy lifting equipment depending on what their particular type of industry needs it for.

Getting What You Want Moved and How


  • The modest crane is by far the most renowned of the movers and makes use of an angled boom to move objects up and down, and from side to side.
  • Of all the kinds of available lifting machines, cranes are the most versatile and if you are looking for top quality crane hire in Manchester, make use of a reliable and experienced service.
  • Cranes can come in different sizes, all depending on the job size.
  • A lot of cranes allow for the lift to turn completely horizontally to move heavy objects in practically all directions.

Vacuum lifts

  • Making use of high pressure air vacuums to stick to any item which needs lifting, vacuum lifts are extremely helpful when lifting strange shaped items, such as panes of glass.
  • They can also be used for the lifting of heavier objects, like cargo containers, so that waiting ships can easily be loaded and unloaded.


  • Simple to use and similar to a small car, the forklift’s front end has two long metal protrusions that slide into a wooden pallet to move products around warehouse type surroundings.
  • The forked front end can also lift things up to tall storage spaces safely.


  • Winches use a wound rope and pulley to lift objects up, like when towing.
  • Winches are normally attached into a stationary position near walls or on a heavy truck, where a worker attaches the winch hook on to another vehicle to be towed.


  • What are known as hoists are utilised to lift heavy items upward by way of a pulley and rope.
  • Heavier objects have to be moved to a hoist for lifting, and forklifts are typically used alongside hoists to move objects into place.

To Buy or Rent? 

  • Of course, the buying of a lift can work out to be somewhat expensive and will depend on the workload and the amount of building projects.
  • Usually, companies which hire out lifting devices will provide them with one suitable for the customer’s requirements.
  • Hiring is easy and can be for a day, week, month or year.

Contact and consult with a well-established crane company and tell them what your requirements are and they’ll be able to see you right.

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