Want a Home Improvement Project? Start With Your Bedroom

Nobody ever likes things to stay the same for too long. And that includes the general state of affairs in your home. Which is why home improvement projects are one of the first brainstorms that homeowners will go through once some of the other important details in their lives are settled. Do you feel like that’s an itch that you’re going to have shortly? If so, consider taking on your bedroom first!

And five easy pieces of advice to start with include improving your bed, taking on the walls, examining the flooring, taking control of the basic environment, and ditching all of your bedroom TV screens. Do those things, and your bedroom will be the best place in your house.

Your Bed

How much time do you spend sleeping? Simply answering that question out loud will give you a chance to consider the possibility that buying the best mattress possible should be way up there on your priority list. And yes, different people have different requirements in terms of firmness, height, and temperature control, but always buying the best that you can afford is a good idea no matter where you lie on that spectrum.

Your Walls

When you go to sleep at night, and when you wake up in the morning, the color of your walls matters to your attitude. Whether you can relax with the design of the room, or you’re tense and irritated because it feels too big, too small, or too cluttered – these issues are all easily fixable by painting your bedroom the right colors, and then decorating appropriately with respect to your palette choice. Paint is going to be relatively inexpensive compared to the enjoyment you get out of that home improvement project.


The Flooring

Next up, consider what’s under your feet. Do you have an awesome rug in your bedroom, that you can curl your toes on, that keeps you from jumping up and down with ice-cube feet syndrome early in the morning? Do you want soft carpet, or warm wood? The right flooring is essential to a great bedroom experience. And don’t forget to consider pets that come in as well!

Environmental Controls

What about your bedroom environment? Do you have the appropriate combination of space heaters, humidifiers, sound machines, and smell-makers? Many people don’t consider those to be vital aspects of the bedroom experience, but for a pretty small investment, you can have a pretty solid control over your overall sensory environment in a closed bedroom.

Ditch the TV Screens

As nice as it sounds to have a big TV in your bedroom, an excellent home improvement project to consider is to just ditch them. TV screens can be a huge source of frustration and irritation to couples, so it’s one of the instances where getting rid of something leads to positive results directly.


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