Ways To Make The Backyard Awesome This Summer

The weather is getting hotter by the day, and summer is in full swing.  It is time to get outside and have fun.  Not only is summer the hottest time of the year, but the kids are out of school.  Heat and boredom can plague a household and lead to more trouble than is necessary.  

The best place to set up the chance for fun is right at home, in the backyard.  Why spend money on gas, food, parking, and a million other random things, when the whole family can have loads of fun right outside their back door?  Take a moment to check out a few of the most excellent ideas on how to make the backyard awesome this summer.

The ever-coveted swimming pool

There are several different ways to put a pool in the backyard for those steamy summer days.  Depending on the budget restrictions, the size of the pool could range from a small, kiddie pool, to a six foot, in-ground pool.  Either way, there is always fun to be had when water is involved. 

Build a simple treehouse

A little ingenuity, some wood, nails, and one good hammer is all it takes to build a simple style treehouse.  Oh yea,  it takes a sturdy tree too!  

The first step is to find the perfect tree.  For a simple structure, just find a tree with a naked trunk.  Simply and safely secure two support beams horizontally on either side of the tree’s trunk.  

Then, attach a few, foot long, pieces of wood to the trunk that will serve as ladder rungs to the finished structure.  Finish off the treehouse by lying and attaching boards across the two support beams to form a platform.  

Build hula hoop hideouts

Hula hoop hideouts for the kids are a great way to add a creative touch to everyday playtime. All you need are a few hula hoops, some shower curtains, and a few pillows for seating.

Attach the hula hoop to the limbs of a tree, and fasten the shower curtain around the hanging toy.  Place a pillow inside, and close the curtain to form a secret hula hideout.  

Spray paint an outdoor Twister board

Everyone loves the game of Twister, but there is simply never enough space.  Try playing outdoors!  Spray paint an outdoor Twister board on the grass in the backyard.  The board will disappear with the next lawn mowing, and the fun will last for days.

Homemade oil lamps for mood lighting

Another simple DIY creation that will spice up backyard living is a homemade oil lamp.  With only a few empty wine bottles (have fun emptying them), some lamp oil, a few screws, and a wick, it is easy to create simple oil lamps that will light the way through the fun of the cool summer nights.  

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