What Buyers Should and Should Not Request to be Fixed

After finding your ideal home, it is essential to prioritize the repairs after a home inspector has done an evaluation. While it may seem to be the seller’s responsibility in doing every little bit of repair on the house before the sale, unfortunately, this may not be the case, as he/she can only commit to a few. Under any normal circumstances, you would expect the seller to take care of repairs such as electrical, plumbing, roofing or HVAC.  These issues are generally significant and can have an overall negative impact on the new occupant. However, most sellers will keep some repairs on postponing much to the buyer’s annoyance. Suppose you secure the deal, and it will be your responsibility as the buyer to take care of the pending repairs. Moreover, a home inspection should not be used for an excuse to renegotiate the purchase offer further. However, do not expect the seller to take care of all repairs. It is essential that you seek the services of a qualified buyer’s agent who will guide you through the whole process and narrow in on the most urgent issues.

Home Inspection Repair Requests To Avoid

  1. Cosmetic Issues

These trivial issues can be overlooked firsthand. It could range from a deck that needs a bit of staining or cracked tiles to a paint coat, and these are repair issues that a buyer should not bother the seller with. This is because such issues are relatively easy to deal with, without even spending a dime.

  1. Anything Under $100

Why bother the seller with such a repair? Most buyers should be aware that repair requests are not always about money. The buyer could also end up as being petty in the eyes of the other party. Typically, you can have so many repairs on the house. However, due to time constraints on closing the sale, both parties can end feeling overwhelmed by them.

  1. A Window With A Failed Seal

This is a common sight in many homes. Broken glasses are also ordinary when viewing homes. However, this is also in the category of those trivial issues that you should not pay much attention to when inspecting a house as there could be more urgent ones for that matter.

  1. Renovations You Are Planning

As a potential buyer, you must avoid requesting for those repairs that are in tandem with your proposed improvements. This unnecessary move might jeopardize the transaction since you are going to carry on with the renovations as planned.

  1. Cracks In A Basement Floor

It is best for you as a buyer to determine if the breaks in this area are structural or not, before closing the deal. It should only be a primary concern if these cracks are large or the wall looks like they are shifting in regards to position.

Final Thoughts

As a buyer for a real estate property for sale, it is important to prioritize issues relating to the house, especially if you are interested in buying the property and not just passing by. If you are a seller, it is also imperative for you to understand how home inspections are done and how to prepare for one. This will prevent any inconvenience that may arise between you and the buyer.


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