What Features Should You Look for in a Stairlift for Your Home?

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If you or a family member has difficulty climbing the stairs, installing a lift in your home may offer greater freedom of movement. Stairlifts are available with a variety of features and options to accommodate people with mobility issues or who need assistance getting up or down the stairs.

Swivel Seats and Seat Belts

When choosing a stair lift, there are several features that may provide additional security and safety, such as swivel seats and seat belts. Manual or powered swivel seats make it easier to get on and off the lift while seat belts help to prevent accidental slipping or falling from the seat.

Besides improving safety, swivel seats are available with slim fold-away designs. These designs take up less space when the stairlift is not in use and are more convenient for the individual riding the lift.

Simple Controls or Remote Control

Older individuals may have difficulty learning how to operate complicated machinery. Stairlifts should be easy to operate and feature simple controls. You may also prefer a home lift that is equipped with a remote control.

Tracks That Are Fitted to the Stairs

If the stairway is not very wide, you may require tracks that are fitted to the stairs instead of the wall. When the track is attached to the wall, additional clearance is needed.

Tracks that are fitted to the stairs are also more secure and do not require permanent modifications to the wall. If the track is removed, it is easier to patch the stairs than the walls.

Smooth and Quiet Operation

People should feel safe when riding in a home lift. Sudden stops or jerking motions may make the individual uncomfortable and question the safety of the lift. The lift should start and stop gently and provide a smooth gliding action. You may need to test the lifts or talk with an experienced stairlift supplier to learn more about the performance and operation.

Look for an Installation Warranty

A reputable stairlift supplier and installer should include a warranty with the installation of your new stairlift. This ensures that you are covered if the lift malfunctions or breaks down.

Schedule a Home Consultation

Installing a home lift in Cardiff may offer more convenience for you or a family member. When choosing a stairlift, there are a lot of details to consider. Experienced installers can provide a home consultation and survey. They can evaluate the layout of your stairs and determine which designs will work best in your home.

Before adding a stairlift to your home, consider the details that are most important to you. This may include safety features such as the seat belt or quiet operation. You may also benefit from a consultation to discuss your needs with an expert and receive help choosing the right lift.

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