What Is Block Paving?

We don’t often think about the paving beneath our feet when we park our cars on a driveway or stand on a patio. It’s there and it’s definitely better than standing on grass or gravel. However, when patios or driveways are first installed or planned out, there is a lot of thought that goes into them. You have to consider what materials you want to use and how you want it to look. You have to consider if you want a specific pattern or design and what colour you want it to be as well. It can be an overwhelming process to someone who is inexperienced or doesn’t know what to do. Thankfully, there are professional block pavers who are there to assist you in making these decisions.

What Is Block Paving?

As you will realise when you begin looking for block paving driveways in Welwyn Garden City, block paving is the process of paving an area with blocks, as the name would suggest. This differs from paving with a substance such as asphalt in many ways, such as:

  • In the way it looks
  • In the length it lasts
  • In the way it gets repaired
  • And many more ways

To people who are concerned about their kerb appeal and their property value, the way the patio or driveway looks is very important. Installing and maintaining a block pavement driveway can increase the kerb appeal. Even if you’re not concerned with the kerb appeal, having a nice-looking driveway and patio is never a bad thing. You can even personally work with the contractor to find the best design, pattern, and colour for your house.

What Are the Benefits of Block Paving?

There are several benefits of having your driveway block paved. One of the major benefits is that if one of the blocks gets damaged, you only have to replace that block rather than paying to have the whole driveway repaved. In addition to this, you will have a driveway that you can choose the colour, design, and pattern of. You can’t really do this with an asphalt driveway.



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