What is Double Glazing

Heat and sound transfer from one place to another by making molecules move. When a warm air molecule touches another warm air molecule, it transfers some of its energy. When that warm air molecule touches the glass of your window, it transfers some heat to your window. That heat then gets transferred into your home. That is, in the simplest of terms, how heat transfers from outside your home to the inside. So, how do you stop the heat from transferring through your windows?

Double Glazing

Double glazing is the process of putting two panes of glass into a window frame. The windows typically have a cushion of air between them, or a vacuum. The pressure of air creates somewhat of a stronger window, but the vacuum creates a more insulated window. If there is a vacuum between the two window panes, then the molecules of air cannot transfer their energy from inside the house to outside, or vice versa. Double glazing in Orpington can also help you reduce the amount of sound travelling through your windows. Sound transfers in the same way that heat does, but the vacuum helps to reduce that activity.

Finding a Glazier

Finding a glazier who can make double-glazed windows for you can be a challenging process. A double-glazed window is not something that every glazier can do properly. If it’s not done the right way, you will end up with foggy windows. The foggy windows result from heat and moisture getting between the panes if the vacuum is not properly maintained. When the seal is not done properly, the windows lose their efficacy and look very unappealing. You should seek out a glazier who explicitly mentions double-glazed windows on their website. They should be specialists in the field. A specialist will be able to create a window that doesn’t fog up; furthermore, they’ll be able to repair the window if it does. That is going to save you money on energy costs as well as potential window repairs.

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