What To Do In Case Of A Fire At Your Workplace

A few sparks inside an office building can lead to an alarming fire that will lead to a lot of panic, but only when the people aren’t prepared. Although there are required fire drills being held and rehearsed at least once a year, the truth is many people don’t pay any attention to these live-saving drills.

Aside for a handful of very attentive employees, most will run and panic when they see a fire. To help prevent more damage and more serious accidents, here are some tips on what to do during an office fire:

#1: DO take note of all fire escapes. The best thing to ensure your safety and everyone’s safety, make a mental note on where the fire escapes are located. Check that all of these exits are free of any obstacles so that everyone can pass through without any complications. Never use the fire escape as an extra storage space as this is considered as a fire hazard.

#2: DO get your sprinklers updated. If the building has never experienced a fire before, there is a good chance that the current sprinkler system is out of day and need replacement. Contact the best fire sprinkler companies in Maryland and the surrounding areas so they can perform a quality check. If the system is out of date, make sure to get them replaced as soon as possible.

Ensuring that your fire sprinklers are in excellent working conditions should be a priority as the system can easily put out fires and save lives.

#3: DO stay calm. Panicking will only lead to more trouble if there is an office fire. If there is a large fire, stay calm and alert everyone about the situation. If you allow yourself to remain calm, you will be able to think clearly and assess the situation better. Most of all, when you speak in a calm tone, less people will panic and everyone can exit the office building safely.

#4: DO call the Fire Department. Many fire sprinkler companies in Maryland will include other safety features along with their system. One of these features can be a fire alert being sent to the nearest fire department. However, just to be sure that the proper authorities are contacted about the fire in your office, call the Fire Department or 9-1-1. Time is of the essence when it comes to fires, so make sure to call for assistance so that help will arrive as soon as possible.

#5: DO try to put out small fires. Use a fire extinguisher to put out small fires inside the building. Acting as quick as possible can lessen the damage, but be sure you know how to use the fire extinguisher. Employees who do not know how to use the device must not attempt to do so as it might lead to more damage than actual help.

#6: DO use the stairs. The elevator might seem like a good idea to get out of your office building the fastest, but this should never be done. Everyone should only use the stairs and the designated fire escape during a fire. The elevator can sometimes shut off during an emergency which results in people getting trapped inside. You must avoid this life-threatening situation at all cost.

Be prepared and follow these simple tips to help save your life and the life of others during an office fire. Next time, pay close attention during the fire drill because you can learn a lot.

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