What to watch out for When hiring removalists

Everybody wants their moving experience to go just fine, right? That is why we should all know what to look for when dealing with dishonest types who front as the real thing, but are from it. Nobody wants to get a raw deal doing any kind of business, and the very same rules apply to the art of moving homes. So, if you’re seeking an experienced, affordable and reliable removal business in Melbourne, do a little research first to make sure you’re using one you can trust to get that job done perfectly.

To ensure you won’t be losing any of your valuable possessions or cash to dodgy villains, try following this advice:

  • Get online and research for previous scams. Simply type in the name of the company you want to check out, with the word ‘scam’ at the end on a decent search engine. There you will see if there have been any previous accusations against them. If you see anything untoward, it’s best to move on to other ones.

  • Next, check out reviews and not only on the removalists website. The World Wide Web has been a game changer in making things a lot easier in so many ways. The Internet has also given everybody the ability to see what other customers have to say about a business service such as a removal company in Melbourne.

  • When dealing with the company, don’t be shy and get all of your questions plainly answered. Failing to do this may result in later tales of woe, so make sure to leave no question unasked and unanswered. Don’t forget to clarify everything from the relocation process, the cost and what it’s being spent on, the type of vehicle(s), and everything anything else that you want to know. Those with bad intentions are not that good with details, so, if you notice that your questions aren’t being fully answered, give them a miss and move on. Better safe than sorry!

  • Obtain a quote and make sure to get it all written down. An honest and respectable business will easily provide you with a written estimate which will include all details about the services provided and the costs. Should anyone be so bold as to tell you that their price is ‘yeah, that’s about right,’ you ought to take note. Ask them that if they want the job, they will have to be more precise, that is if you don’t want to take the risk of paying any extra fees after the job has been done. Get the price and then get it written down.

  • Also, never fork out any of your cash without a document, and ensure that the company provides you with a signed one that clearly states all services, the costs and with company details on it. Should there be any qualms later on, you will be backed up by a signed document. That way you are covered by the law.

That should do it! May your new home be sweet!

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