Whats the Right Wood Floor Installation for You

Installing a wood flooring whether they are hardwood, laminate or even engineered wood, it’s not just about picking the right materials, the right colors, and the right stains for your wood flooring then having certified professional installer to install it. These choices are easily available on many online flooring shop, e.g. www.tilemarkets.com. It’s also about how you plan to install it. Installing wood in a certain way can significantly change the entire look of the room highlight of some installation techniques are following: straight lay install, diagonal Install, chevron install, herringbone install, parquet install, and square installation. If you’re interested in knowing more about these different types of installations techniques available for wood floor, continue to read the article below for more information.


Straight Lay Install

This is by far the most common type of install according to homebuilding.co.uk. The planks will run in straight lines which follow the walls (will look amazing if you have wooden walls too). One of the biggest benefits to this type of layout is because it’s so common, an installer can probably do it with their hands tied behind their back. It’s really quite easy to install this kind of a style and therefore it’s also a quick installation too. This one also requires little to no waste because there is little to no cuts involved. It can also create a long and uniform line, which can make your rooms look bigger, but it’s also a great way to connect adjoining rooms too. However, a straight look, because it is all too common, can look boring or be less exciting than one of the other options below. Also, its also good used in rectangular rooms, a more complex shape, and this won’t really work out for the room as well as one of the other options below.

Diagonal Install

Perfect for open floor plans, this type of a install requires that the wood planks be laid on an angle. Usually at around 45 degrees. This will work for oddly shaped rooms as well as small and large rooms. You can either choose to use one plank across the angle, or you can adjoin several different planks at the same angle – it really is going to depend on how long/wide the room is! However, this one does require some waste, which might mean you need to purchase more wood than you really anticipated. Secondly, you will need to find a more skilled installer.

Chevron Install

When you see a wood floor with a chevron installation it automatically brings up feelings of luxury and expense. It works well with homes that are modern, as well as transitional and contemporary styles. A true chevron install will have boards/planks that meet at a 45-degree angle. It creates a sort of zig-zag of lines across the entire floor on an axis. This is a good installation option if you want to create intrigue and drama within the diagonals in the flooring, but it can also create a lot of interest if you are using an exotic wood.

Herringbone Install

This one is actually quite like the Chevron above, however, the edges are not mitered, whereas the Chevrons are mitered; this creates a sort of broken pattern than an adjoining pattern like with the Chevron above. This one will require fewer cuts than the Chevron which means it’s going to cost you less waste. However, it does take a little more skill to install a herringbone which means it’s going to take a little more time.

Parquet Install

If you’re familiar with this term you might know that really the term describes any type of an intricate design on a floor. It can be squares with in the flooring, a circular pattern or just about anything else really – as long as it’s an intricate pattern. A parquet is a superb way to create a unique look, especially if you are using different materials than one usually would, such as an exotic or imported wood. However, this install, depending on how intricate the design really is, can take a really long time to install. Not even just to install, but to cut all the pieces, plan ahead and then install? It could takes weeks or months on end to complete the entire floor. This is definitely not the install for someone that just wants to get the floor over with or doesn’t have time to waste. But, if you want something really different, really unique, and really worth the cost – this is it.

Square Installation

This is quite literally squares within squares. It starts at the outer edge of the floor and is simply a square of wood trim, then the further in it goes, the smaller the square gets. One of the biggest things you have to remember about this install is that the room absolutely must be 100% square, with no variations. Not a lot of people can say they have a square room in their home these days, which might make it more ideal for a new remodel or a very old home where square plans were once more popular than they are today.

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