Which is the Ideal Way to Cut Grass Perfectly

As people who look after lawns know very well, the best way to cut grass involves doing it frequently and in a certain pattern at the correct time. Making sure that the grass remains healthy and tidy is a large part of lawn upkeep. And of course, having access to a first class lawn mower is definitely the most important piece of equipment for cutting grass perfectly.

It makes things a lot easier when you make a plan for cutting the grass. There are some folk who choose to mow their lawn on a particular day of the week or at a certain time of day and do it religiously, weather pending. However, it is known by many people with green fingers that the best time to cut the grass is in the morning, and especially during a hot summer.

  • Grass needs to be cut about once a week unless there has been so much heat that the grass has dried up too much. (So, water it for a couple of days and then cut)

All about Patterns!

If you are going to cut grass, it is easiest to maintain a certain pattern with the lawn mower. A number of people prefer cutting grass horizontally or vertically or even make a zig-zag pattern. You should try doing each of them over a time period and see which one you like the best and at the same time learn all of them.

  • Rotating the patterns also assists in distributing grass clippings nice and evenly around the whole garden.

When it comes to things such as flower beds and/or trees you will have to be careful. You should try mowing in a circular pattern around both and try to get as near as possible. Should any grass still remain, simply cut it with some shears later.

Matters of High, Dry and Watering

It is best to cut the lawn when the grass is high and nice and dry. High grass indicates that the roots are healthy, so don’t cut it too short.

  • The mowing of grass when it is wet can be somewhat difficult and it will adhere to the mower blades.

Because cutting the grass will take some time and effort, the majority of people wish for their grass to be in good health and look full. So, it is vital to water grass if there has been no rain, also plant grass seed, and fertilise it annually. Those grass clippings can also be most helpful in keeping the grass in good shape as clippings provide nutrients to the entire garden.

Quality Lawnmower

To make sure that you cut grass perfectly will depend on the lawnmower which is being used. There are different types available from Bryan Hynds, nowadays and it will depend on a person’s individual style and preference.

People interested in a new lawnmower should do a simple search online and see what’s on the market. And do make a point of buying from a reputable dealer.

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