Why You Should Get an HDR TV in 2018

You must have heard the term HDR. It is commonly being used in the world of television as a short form of High Dynamic Range. Other terms you must have heard are 4K, OLED, LED, LCD and QLED. At least those are enough to make your head spin. When all this is said, you need to TV of great picture quality while at the same time taking care not to empty your pocket. For this reason, you may want to check the High Dynamic Range (HDR) TV. Even if you haven’t the foggiest idea what that means, you will definitely like it by reading some of its advantages listed below.

Everything you watch looks better

Older, pre-HDR TVs were required to hit certain minimum requirements for the light and color they could produce. But despite the “HDR” buzzword just permeating the market, TVs have been capable of “higher” dynamic range for a long time. This means pretty much any HDR TV out there cannot only still play all of the non-HDR content you’re watching, but it can play it with more control, precision, and accuracy than many older TVs. With its standards set higher, playing SDR content is a piece of cake for these TVs. Even the big players like Samsung, Vu, Vizio, Sony, and Hisense have produced HDR-compatible TVs this year.

Better Wi-Fi streaming

This is a similar argument to the first, but it’s worth hearing out. While knowing the exact Wi-Fi capabilities of every TV in the store is a daunting task, you can bet that 99% of HDR TVs are going to stream regular content without missing a beat. Since the TVs are able to handle 4K resolution content with an extra layer of data, they generally handle less demanding streaming tasks with aplomb. That means less time watching that annoying little spinning buffer icon, and more time binging.

You will not paying more for it

TVs with HDR compatibility have become mainstream very quickly. Rather than an additional luxury, HDR compatibility is already so widespread that it hardly needs advertising. Suffice to say that buying an HDR TV means buying all the R&D that’s gone into making it capable of hitting the latest benchmarks. In short, even if a TV is a “sub-par” HDR TV, they’re almost all home runs where standard content playback is concerned. Compared to the latest LED TV price, it is right to say that the HDR is relative worthwhile.

It is a catch-all for the latest tech

HDR has been defined as better pixels, and that means a lot more than just brighter, more colorful TVs. The HDR standard includes 4K resolution as a spec, and also means any HDR TV is outfitted with the latest HDMI inputs and audio pass-thru standards. This means you don’t really have to choose between HDR, 4K, or any of the latest TV. HDR TVs encompass and deliver all of those upgrades by default.



Well, you may observe more benefits of the HDR TV than those listed above.
Experts always say that you should buy to experience the benefits than just reading them on a blog.

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