Window Shutters vs Blinds and Curtains

The choices available to us when decorating our homes are extensive. Many interior designers and furniture supplies will be able to offer you a solution that not only matches your homes design scheme but your personality too.

For this reason, the debate over window shutters, blinds and curtains has been raging for years but we think there may now be a clear winner. Read on to find out more.

A Question of Cost

Cost for most people is the immediate stumbling block. A basic blind installation or simple curtains are always going to be cheaper than a bespoke window shutter system. This alone is enough to put many people off but there are other aspects to consider.

Fabric blinds and curtains are prone to fading due to exposure to the sun. This means that a once vibrant sunburst red sheen will over time become a muddled pink. Life expectancy is difficult to calculate but the experts suggest that blinds are typically replaced every five years.

Shutters on the other hand are made of much harder wearing materials such as timber which are far less prone to sun damage. Add in the life expectancy of window shutters that can last for 50 years and a different picture emerges.


Blinds and curtains usually feature a pull cord for operation and adjustment. Great when working, these pull cords can often snag and fail entirely leaving a window dressing that cannot be opened or closed.

If that wasn’t enough, regularly taking down curtains for cleaning is a part time job in itself and it can be very difficult to clean between the individual slats of blinds. Window shutters provide a stress free option where you can choose a style that offers you ease of use, operation and maintenance.

Light Control

Blinds are great for fine tuning and adjusting light levels but achieving complete darkness is often difficult or impossible whether made from wood or fabric.

The same goes for curtains as all but the heaviest materials will fail to provide a completely dark environment. This may not be an issue in the kitchen but can wreak havoc with the quality of your sleep in a bedroom.

Curb Appeal

It has been shown that the installation of suitable window shutters can increase the value of a property. This is because they are considered to be a permanent fixture and form part of the property like a luxury parquet floor.

The exact figures will vary so consult an estate agent but window shutters are sure to increase buyer interest, helping you sell your home faster in the future.

Energy Efficient

Full height plantation shutters assist in insulating your property up to 70% more effectively by reducing heat transfer through your windows. This benefit ties in with the reduced cost aspect allowing internal shutters to have effectively paid for themselves over a period of time.

By now, you should at least be considering looking into a window shutter system. If you’re looking for plantation shutters in Perth you’re in luck because there are several suppliers operating in the area and across Western Australia. Plantation shutters are a timeless option and will never go out of style.

It might be time for you to bin those drapes and finally give your home the internal makeover it deserves.

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