Decorate your home with grey wooden floors


When you think of hardwood floors you probably think of wood in different shades of brown. However, the latest trend in interior design is wooden floors in nuances of grey, this type of floor has a look where the wood appears to have aged and hence given it a hint of grey patina and warmth. For a selection of grey wooden floors check out Junckers’ website, find them here.

Go modern with grey floors

The grey colour adds a new dimension to the traditional wood floors with a unique, modern and fresh twist. The grey does not overpower the natural wood, it rather enhances the specific wood species’ characteristics – so that grain, shade and pattern make the wood truly unique and different.

Wood makes any space cosier and comfier and if you choose a grey finish you can combine that with a more modern and stylish appearance.

Should you go light or dark

Grey hardwood floors come in a range of shades, so you will be sure to find a colour that suits your personal taste, but also matches well with your furniture, wall colour, and overall design scheme of your home. If you go for a light shade of grey your floors will reflect natural light and make your room brighter and appear larger. However, a darker grey can visually decrease the size of a room, this does not have to be a bad thing if chosen carefully the darker grey can tie a big room together and make it cosy. Grey wood floors are also a great option for homes with children or pets as the colour helps to hide dust, dirt, and scratches.

Décor that matches your new grey floors

Grey is a beautiful neutral colour that goes with just about any decorating scheme. White and black have long been considered stable colours in interior design since everything can be matched with these colours. The same is true for the colour grey that is just as versatile, but a more muted colour than white and black. With grey hardwood floors, your home will look timeless and classic.

The grey colour works as a great base for your décor, and it is easy to decorate around and will be complemented by any style and colour, rather than clashing with them. Bolder colours and a vibrant décor scheme works great with grey floors, as the neutral floor will balance out and can tone down an eclectic interior and keep it from looking too outrageous. Contrarily, to a dark floor that takes all the focus, grey wooden floors are a great option for people who like to experiment with their interior design and for the focus of the home to be on that.

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